Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kuching interior attractive holiday spot, Kpg Giam waterfall.

 Kampung Giam waterfall is one of the attractive picnic spot in interior Kuching which is well known by its beautiful waterfall and wide picnic area. It is situated at the Borneo height where other popular spots like Benuk Long house, Annah Rais Long House and the Borneo Height resort is just nearby. For those who like to *consume* the fresh air and feel the flow of natural, Giam waterfall is the smart choice. I have been there since I was 7 years old and now I am 18, nothing change. No water pollution, No air pollution. haha. Put this place in your list!

Dont miss eye-catching scenery here. You might remember it forever once u are here. All are well preserved. 
Tips for tourist = request a tourist guide who are originated from here so the experience can be share more deeply. A camera is a MUST


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hangout and play 2 hours of unlimited board games with your friends for only RM20! - YouthSays Campaign - YouthSays.com

Hangout and play 2 hours of unlimited board games with your friends for only RM20! - YouthSays Campaign - YouthSays.com

photo from mindspot

Buying one voucher means you get to play for 2 hours all games at Mindspot with as many friends that you can fit at one table and receive 4 complimentary drinks! These games are seriously addictive, but all in the name of being more intelligent! Click here to join youthsays

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cartoon Picture in Facebook Profile Picture to support Campaign Stop Violence Against Children hit the News

My Facebook profile picture (Find one by Google image search)

  According to http://abcnews.go.com, the purpose of changing our profile picture to Cartoon picture is to remember our childhoodChange your profile picture to your favorite cartoon from when you were a kid. The goal of this game is not to see a human picture on Facebook, but an invasion of childhood memories until Monday. PLAY AND PASS ALONG! . I was kinda bored and this look like fun. So I tried. haha . Visit me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/lexintoch

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas and New Year preparation in Kuching

Christmas decoration at The Spring, Kuching

 This 25th December gonna be 18 times I celebrate Christmas on earth, haha. As usual the whole month of December is dominated by Christmas. In Kuching, The main shopping center like The Spring and Boulevard is happening with sales and Christmas decoration. My mum went to The Spring the other day and captured the photo above. I want to wish all my friends and family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Enjoyed!

Men | JAGEX Online Store US | RuneScape Collection

Men | JAGEX Online Store US | RuneScape Collection
This is Runescape merchandise
Photo take from Runescape.com

  Its been a long time I never play Runescape. Im thinking about buyin one Runescape merchandise. I was once addicted to this game when I was about 13 years old. My classmates introduced me to this game while he saw me so bored doin nuthin at home. If I not mistaken, I play this game about 3 years. Just try, go to http://www.runescape.com . Have fun! add me as friend there. Bl4ck92 is my nick name...haha!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hurry! Outdo Yourself for your share of RM50,000 in the 100PLUS MindWarp Challenge - YouthSays Campaign - YouthSays.com

Hurry! Outdo Yourself for your share of RM50,000 in the 100PLUS MindWarp Challenge - YouthSays Campaign - YouthSays.com

he game is on! With over 30,000 fans in the 100PLUS Outdo Yourself Facebook fan page, you’re missing out on something big if you’re not playing the 100PLUS Mindwarp Challenge.

Play the Mindwarp Challenge and stand to win your share of RM50,000 worth of prizes. There are 3 Samsung Galaxy Tabs (worth RM2,700 each), 2 Samsung Galaxy S (worth RM2,599 each) and 10 Samsung NX100 Cameras (worth RM2,699 each) to be won!

That’s not all; top 15 fastest players will also be invited to compete in the ultimate mental and physical challenge at the Grand Finals for a chance at RM10,000!

Already playing? Excellent! Continue to Outdo Yourself and challenge your friends to see who has the better score.

The time is drawing closer to the 100PLUS Mindwarp Challenge Finale! Keep checking the 100PLUS Outdo Yourself Facebook page for more information.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

8 or 9 December - Don't know how to call this day

8 or 9 December is actually the date that I have to attend for Critical Thinking and Principles of Accounting subjects respectively. I missed the Critical thinking on the 24th November because of bad fever which make me felt worried. On the next day is another paper, the Principles of accounting which I missed it too. However, I  went to talk to my Lecturer who handle the exam and she told me that I have to pass up my sick leave to prove it and I managed to do so. That is how my boring story happen. But I felt happy and grateful to be giving this chance to correct my mistakes. The moral of the story is, ALWAYS PREPARE WHAT IS COMING AND NOTHING DIFFICULT, ITS JUST CHALLENGES.