Sunday, July 3, 2011

Transformer : dark of the moon

"Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" is considered the best movie compare to its previous series. It's the personal story on an apocalyptic scale that Bay loves to try to tell, and that other guys like Emmerich and Cameron and even Spielberg love to do.  And this is the best version of it that Bay's made so far. Nothing much to say about, just watch it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Second AMD desktop building completed!

Simple and affordable (70% complete)

Even though PC Fair is around the corner, the addiction in Games lead me and my partner survey an affordable item for desktop which is quite ok for Home Entertainment. Actually my friend asked me a favour to suggest nice spec for desktop. For me, temperature is important in daily overclocking life. I replaced the stock processor fan to Cooler Master CPU fans and heat sink which is ok in term of pricing and at the same time the 4 heat-pipe at the heat sink hopefully function well in absorbing the heat.
Heat sink and 4 heatpipes
forget about the price tag
WISMA SABERKAS/ONETJ wrecked ... The sad thing is, most of the hardware store didn't provide a price list for every single item which make me quite difficult to calculate the approximate price for whole things. And, some of the workers when ask about one item they just replied with "no, we dont have it'' which later I found it like 3 second after He told me that. We need more AMD stock!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Raw Seafood salad , The great Umai , local sushi

 Most of us dislikes raw food especially fish which is so smelly when uncooked. Have you ever heard about the Japanese Sushi called Sashimi?. Here we also got our own *Sushi* called Umai. Of course this cuisine is quite familiar to local, but the foreigner knowledge about this type of food is still 0%. Not just foreigner, even Malaysian.

This delicious cuisine is originated from the Mukah town where this Melanau traditional food are so popular. The method of serving Umai is so easy and simple. Umai is prepared raw from fresh fish such as Mackerel and Jelly fish. Firstly, the fish flesh need to be thinly slice then soak in  vinegar to remove the fish smell. The flesh is later blend in a special combination of ingredients such as shallots, ginger, chillies, lime juice and lemon. It is just simple as ABC. The ingredients I mentions above is not the only one, each of them can be substitute with other for example, Vinegar can be replace with tamarind juice or limau kasturi.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

What did brooke's left in Kuching?

               Charles Vyner Brooke

James Brooke

In 1842, a British adventurer and Ex Bengal Army of the British East India Company named James Brooke   which is the first White Rajah  or in other word King of Sarawak. The Sultanate of Brunei which formerly ruled large part of Borneo. In the 19th century, coastal areas ruled by the Sultanate in the west of the island were gradually taken by the dynasty of James Brooke. It was an award from the sultan of Brunei from help in putting down a became the
rebellion. The Brooke family would rule Sarawak until the Japanese invasion of Malaya, Borneo and most of the country in South East Asian during WWII. Charles Brooke, the nephews of James  Brooke to rule Sarawak, ceded Sarawak to the British government and Sarawak became a Crown Colony. Before that, Charles  Brooke had made an agreement with the Community in Sarawak where they can rule their own land. But unfortunately, the agreement cannot be fulfilled as a result in Japanese Invasion. After WWII, Charles Vyner Brooke brief attempt to resist this and put Anthony Brooke, nephew and heir to Charles Vyner Brooke on the throne but this failed. Eventually Sarawak would become a state in Malaysia, one of the four states without a Sultan.
Taken last 2 years (Textile Museum in Pavilion like building)

 WI Charles Vyner Brooke did not ceded Sarawak to the British government and insisted on resuming rule as the Rajah of Sarawak or at least insisted that his nephew Anthony be allowed to became Rajah at
the end of WWII. Would he be successful or would the British government, then under Labor control, insist on taking control?
If the Brooke family manages to regain control would Sarawak join Malaysia or
become an independent country?

Astana - Brooke White Fortress
    Would we see a gradual Malayinzation of the Brooke family? James
Brooke never married. His heirs, the second and third Brooke Rajahs,
were married to European women. So was Anthony Brooke, the would be
4th Raja of the Brooke family. Would the Brooke family consider this
tradition or would they try to continue the line in the changing post-
colonial world by marrying local women so that the Brooke family would be mainly ethnically Malay. Alternative OBWI: WI the Sultanate of Brunei joins Malaysia when
it is formed? Maybe as an incentive, the Sultan of Brunei would be
allowed to absorb Sarawak and Sabah back or if the Brooke family
continues to rule Sarawak, just Sabah back. (adapted from wiki and other blogger)
Old Court House

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Organisational Change and Stress Management. whats up?

I've done presentation for the topic Organizational Change and Stress Management. I want to post this thread so I can revise it back in future. Talking about the presentation, the topic is just simple and easy to understand where student can search a lot of information just by 10 minutes searching in Google.

.... i found need to post too long
just download my presentation file here

In the presentation file,  there are 3-5 change factors in Organization and more..
just check it out. Definition and how to manage stress including 2 approach in work stress

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Possibilities Tsunami reaching Borneo Island

Soon as I heard news about large Earthquake (8.9 magnitude) and Tsunami in Japan, I Google some information about what causing Earthquake and suddenly I found someone asking about Possibilities Tsunami In Borneo in Yahoo Ask. At first, I was like *no way, Borneo especially Sarawak is untouchable*. But the answer stated that if the Tsunami hit Northern Part Of Borneo And Indonesia, there is a little bit effect in my area which is Kuching too.

Source = Yahoo ask

But so far no warning about the disaster. But its not impossible. 
Learn how Tsunami work here

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Finally I found an information about Sarawak Regatta

 Talking about Regatta, its quite synonym to us as Sarawakians. But I think a lot of them don't know where the hell this event came from and its history. According to Sarawak regatta official site, this event was held as early as 1872 which commonly taking place during the new year. Sarawak Gazette(Sarawak local news lastime) had recorded in 1872, that the annual Regatta that year was held, on 29th February 1872 at the Sarawak River in front of the Astana. The European community in Sarawak and in the neighboring countries were invited to the Astana - for breakfast - before the race. Keen competition were also recorded for the Rajah Cup.

The boat 'Sri Matu' built and manned by the Melanaus, was reported as the winning boat. The Gazette records provided the indication that Regatta had been an important social event organized annually for social integration and goodwill for the people of Sarawak. Prominent Political figure, the late Tan Sri Datuk Amar Ong Kee Hui, recorded that Raja Charles Brooke used to send his yacht "Maimunah1 to outstation to bring in the various "Tuan Residents" to join in the social event.

The tradition of holding the annual Regatta in the Sarawak River continued through the Colonial period and into the post-Malaysia period. During these periods the Regatta was organized by Resident and District Office with funds from the Government while the rest of the fund was raised through public donations.

The day programme include races for traditional longboats, dragon boats and other activities, like the running of totolizers, climbing greasing poles, catching ducks and "pillow fights". Racing boats from outstations made it a grand affair and also a great occasion for families from outside the State Capital to visit Kuching town.
(info from

 Check this out

Last year(2010), I went to town and I have no idea what event held there, I rushed there and found that it is the famous Sarawak Regatta.

2010 Sarawak Regatta
 There are six traditional boat known in Sarawak made by different races such as Chinese, Iban, Malay, Melanau, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu. Every single boat got it own stories you might interested to know.
Know more about the traditional boat HERE

2010 Sarawak Regatta

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Rumours about Facebook is Clossing annoyed

I heard a lot of rumors about Facebook is closing down due to unnecessary reasons like * Mark Zuckerberg is too stressed out because the giant company is uncontrolled. Who so dumb to believe such reason. But there's a lot facebook user panicked. LOL they take too serious. It is true that Mark Zuckerberg says that he was too stressed to manage the company in a press conference in California as Indianapress stated, but about the Closing Of Facebook is Completely a fairytale,

Actually I post this because Im getting fed up with some user keep private message and wall me about that. OK?  .

Windows 7 SP1 Update Released.

Finally, the wait is over. Last week I searched Google, I saw an article reported that an update for Windows 7 is about to release on 22 February 2011. I just realized 2 days ago that I had a Windows Update notification but I Ignored it until today when I noticed It is SP1 Windows 7 update.
Win 7 SP1 update

Well.. I just started downloading the update and wanna try it immediately. I hope after install this update, will satisfies my need such as system performance and others. But stability like now are more important basically. Hope Microsoft dint do the same mistake like Vista(the most tragic failure OS ever created). 

They said that the update help make your computer safer and more reliable. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 provides a comprehensive set of innovations for enterprise-class visualization. This includes new virtualization capabilities with Dynamic Memory and Microsoft RemoteFX. I got the information at

The download can be obtain here
or just simply view the windows update notification.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sini ada Hantu! local ghost story.. Hoping for different

Zzz.. i''ve watched a lot of local ghost movie, but none of em make me scream yet.. lol.
The trailer above is new Horror movie directed by James Lee which I hope can see some different in this movie.
The trailer make me a bit excited to watch it, but usually the real movie is sucks compare to the trailer. The main factor that made me quite impressed is because no copy2 from western or any other movie coz nowadays our local movie often ciplak2 one. Shame on the producer. lolll... anyway, hope this one didnt let me down 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Im back

   Its been a month I haven't update this blog. First of all, I want to wish Happy belated New Year and Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends. This is my first post in 2011. I was been busy with a lot of works which most of them is class and some Flash script assignments(multimedia 2 subject). Actually, the assignment given by my lecturer is just a little, but I saw a lot of my classmates having trouble with it, Since I have knowledge about it, I offered a hand with all my 7 classmates, but not just like that. I made a profit. :) . Lol for the first time I use my knowledge to earn profit... Feel good. :) . Its 7.50 a.m. now. I have to attend for class at 9 . See ya.