Friday, February 25, 2011

Windows 7 SP1 Update Released.

Finally, the wait is over. Last week I searched Google, I saw an article reported that an update for Windows 7 is about to release on 22 February 2011. I just realized 2 days ago that I had a Windows Update notification but I Ignored it until today when I noticed It is SP1 Windows 7 update.
Win 7 SP1 update

Well.. I just started downloading the update and wanna try it immediately. I hope after install this update, will satisfies my need such as system performance and others. But stability like now are more important basically. Hope Microsoft dint do the same mistake like Vista(the most tragic failure OS ever created). 

They said that the update help make your computer safer and more reliable. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 provides a comprehensive set of innovations for enterprise-class visualization. This includes new virtualization capabilities with Dynamic Memory and Microsoft RemoteFX. I got the information at

The download can be obtain here
or just simply view the windows update notification.