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What did brooke's left in Kuching?

               Charles Vyner Brooke

James Brooke

In 1842, a British adventurer and Ex Bengal Army of the British East India Company named James Brooke   which is the first White Rajah  or in other word King of Sarawak. The Sultanate of Brunei which formerly ruled large part of Borneo. In the 19th century, coastal areas ruled by the Sultanate in the west of the island were gradually taken by the dynasty of James Brooke. It was an award from the sultan of Brunei from help in putting down a became the
rebellion. The Brooke family would rule Sarawak until the Japanese invasion of Malaya, Borneo and most of the country in South East Asian during WWII. Charles Brooke, the nephews of James  Brooke to rule Sarawak, ceded Sarawak to the British government and Sarawak became a Crown Colony. Before that, Charles  Brooke had made an agreement with the Community in Sarawak where they can rule their own land. But unfortunately, the agreement cannot be fulfilled as a result in Japanese Invasion. After WWII, Charles Vyner Brooke brief attempt to resist this and put Anthony Brooke, nephew and heir to Charles Vyner Brooke on the throne but this failed. Eventually Sarawak would become a state in Malaysia, one of the four states without a Sultan.
Taken last 2 years (Textile Museum in Pavilion like building)

 WI Charles Vyner Brooke did not ceded Sarawak to the British government and insisted on resuming rule as the Rajah of Sarawak or at least insisted that his nephew Anthony be allowed to became Rajah at
the end of WWII. Would he be successful or would the British government, then under Labor control, insist on taking control?
If the Brooke family manages to regain control would Sarawak join Malaysia or
become an independent country?

Astana - Brooke White Fortress
    Would we see a gradual Malayinzation of the Brooke family? James
Brooke never married. His heirs, the second and third Brooke Rajahs,
were married to European women. So was Anthony Brooke, the would be
4th Raja of the Brooke family. Would the Brooke family consider this
tradition or would they try to continue the line in the changing post-
colonial world by marrying local women so that the Brooke family would be mainly ethnically Malay. Alternative OBWI: WI the Sultanate of Brunei joins Malaysia when
it is formed? Maybe as an incentive, the Sultan of Brunei would be
allowed to absorb Sarawak and Sabah back or if the Brooke family
continues to rule Sarawak, just Sabah back. (adapted from wiki and other blogger)
Old Court House

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