Sunday, April 10, 2011

Raw Seafood salad , The great Umai , local sushi

 Most of us dislikes raw food especially fish which is so smelly when uncooked. Have you ever heard about the Japanese Sushi called Sashimi?. Here we also got our own *Sushi* called Umai. Of course this cuisine is quite familiar to local, but the foreigner knowledge about this type of food is still 0%. Not just foreigner, even Malaysian.

This delicious cuisine is originated from the Mukah town where this Melanau traditional food are so popular. The method of serving Umai is so easy and simple. Umai is prepared raw from fresh fish such as Mackerel and Jelly fish. Firstly, the fish flesh need to be thinly slice then soak in  vinegar to remove the fish smell. The flesh is later blend in a special combination of ingredients such as shallots, ginger, chillies, lime juice and lemon. It is just simple as ABC. The ingredients I mentions above is not the only one, each of them can be substitute with other for example, Vinegar can be replace with tamarind juice or limau kasturi.

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