Friday, April 22, 2011

Second AMD desktop building completed!

Simple and affordable (70% complete)

Even though PC Fair is around the corner, the addiction in Games lead me and my partner survey an affordable item for desktop which is quite ok for Home Entertainment. Actually my friend asked me a favour to suggest nice spec for desktop. For me, temperature is important in daily overclocking life. I replaced the stock processor fan to Cooler Master CPU fans and heat sink which is ok in term of pricing and at the same time the 4 heat-pipe at the heat sink hopefully function well in absorbing the heat.
Heat sink and 4 heatpipes
forget about the price tag
WISMA SABERKAS/ONETJ wrecked ... The sad thing is, most of the hardware store didn't provide a price list for every single item which make me quite difficult to calculate the approximate price for whole things. And, some of the workers when ask about one item they just replied with "no, we dont have it'' which later I found it like 3 second after He told me that. We need more AMD stock!