Wednesday, May 8, 2013

fishing is a great thing to do as hobby

Last 2 month, most of the time I finished with Fishing activities...... everyday fishing. Addicted to it so much. I want to share about my humble spot to fish. Of course, fishing at the Sea are dream..but not all the time can go and cost effected.. Sg. Bodoh Besar is located near Pasir Pandak. Second bridge between five other bridge. First bridge is Sg Loba kara, 3rd-Sg Tengah Besar, 4th-Sg Ribo besar and 5th-Sg Loba pelait. Back to Sg bodoh, this saltwater river got a lot of fish such as Kerapu, pari cuka, mangrove jack, Gelama,Lundu,Sembilang,muncung and more..i update later with more content and visual ....i promise rich explanation bout it...kkk